It’s becoming more apparent to me that stating what you believe is hard. It’s difficult to draw lines in the sand about where you stand on various subjects, because as humans we are generally very bad at disagreement.

So, I’ve decided to be more open and direct about some of my beliefs about the world, as an exercise for myself.

Belief about belief

Before I talk about my beliefs, I want to lay out what a belief is to me.

  • A non-verifiable belief is an opinion.
  • Opinions that shape a worldview are constructed from an ethereal thing called faith.
  • A belief backed up by multiple experiences is a theory.
  • A provable belief is a fact.
  • Beliefs should be subject to change, but having no belief is practically as dangerous as having an ill-informed one.
  • Beliefs that aren’t acted on are words.

Core beliefs

  • I believe in a creation-based theory of the universe, focused entirely on the Christ figure. I identify myself as a Christian, but am equally reticent to align with much of the modern Christian faith.
  • I believe in treating people as well as I would treat myself.
  • I believe that evolution is a designed set of principles and mechanisms, and that it is not at opposition with a theory of creation.

Beliefs about work