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Your career won’t be easy. But you can prepare by finding your driving career purpose.

The reality for the average developer is that your career will be filled with ups and downs. Difficult days, tough jobs, and uncertain futures.

The thing that binds all great developers together is perseverance in the face of these changing environments.

That’s what this site, and what your career, is about. Working.

My passion is helping you find the driving reason to keep working. Your purpose. To connect to that career purpose, so that it will drive you to better work.

Software developers hold some of the highest leverage to changing the world for the better. I believe the people living and breathing today will change the course of history. I believe developers have some of the highest leverage positions for architecting a better world.

That’s you. That’s your responsibility and opportunity.

And when you connect to your purpose, you do meaningful things with that leverage. You make the lives of those around you better.

So if you get nothing else from me, hear this: if you don’t care about the work you do, I beg you to find a path to that deeper level of connection. The world will be better for it.