My name is Jonathan, and I believe in driven developers to positively impact the world.

My goal in life is to help driven developers find their career purpose so they can do better work and have a positive impact on the people they have influence over.

That's why I created Developer Tea, and it's why I work every day at Clearbit as an engineer and regional manager in Chattanooga.

I'm married to my beautiful companion and best friend, Lauren Cutrell. We live and work together in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with our son Liam and dog Evie.

A Brief Professional History

Currently: Engineer and regional manager, Clearbit
  • Worked as a semi-professional musician
  • B.A. in Communications, Emphasis in Advertising (Lee University), 2011
  • M.S. in Digital Media, Georgia Tech, 2013 - Special focus on public space, recommendation engines, taste sharing and culture-making - Worked on various projects in the eTV lab - Final Masters project was focused on combined taste profiles for a public-space music broadcast application
  • Front-end Development Intern, Medium (Chattanooga, TN), January 2010 - mid 2011 - Helped execute front-end development on a variety of client projects
  • Freelance Content Developer (focus on User Experience), 2009-Present - Wrote articles for a variety of online publications. (Most often, technical tutorials.)
  • Freelance Developer, 2009-2013
  • Developer -> Senior Developer -> Director -> CTO at Whiteboard, 2010-2018 - Primarily responsible for driving the direction of tech stacks for hundreds of clients in an agency environment. - Wide range of projects, in non-profit, major for-profit, and early-stage startup spaces. - Help establish cultural norms and various organizational strategies - Assisting/mentoring younger developers as they learn new tech through the lens of client projects
  • Host, Developer Tea - January 2015 - Present
  • Co-founder/Co-owner, Spec - 2015 - Present
Awards / Certificates:
  • Management of Technology Certificate from Georgia Tech - 2013
  • Machine Learning certificate from Coursera
Expert Strengths / Interests:
  • Teaching - this is the skillset I use on Developer Tea.
  • Written communication - I've been writing both technical and non-technical articles for over 10 years, and have a very strong grasp on the English language.
  • I have a strong interest in behavioral economics, bias, and psychological phenomena that I love to apply to the work I do.
  • Strongly interested in mentoring younger developers

Various technologies I use:

  • JavaScript - React + React Router, Redux, Redux Saga, React Native - ES6 (and up) - Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, etc - Vue - NPM / Yarn - jQuery - ExpressJS - Jest - Lots of other libraries and plugins in the JavaScript community (too many to list)
  • Ruby - Rails and related tooling - API - Sinatra - Rspec
  • PHP - Deep experience with WordPress - Laravel
  • CSS / SCSS - deep expertise
  • HTML
  • Unix/Linux server management
  • SSH
  • Git + GitHub
  • Lots of various API integrations across multiple stacks, various environments
  • Heroku server management
  • Continuous integration with Codeship
  • Familiar with S3 and other AWS tools
  • Experience with ffmpeg file encoding
  • Python

Some experience, but nothing production-worthy:

  • Elixir
  • Go
  • C# / Unity game dev
  • Recommendation engines (studied this at Georgia Tech)
  • Pandas
  • Coffeescript
  • Haskell
  • Bash/ZSH scripting
  • Applescript
  • Docker

This list is almost certainly incomplete, but given enough time and space to learn, I can wrap my mind around most tech stacks I've encountered. I'm much less interested in the stack (assuming it performs well), and much more interested in shaping human decisions and interactions more holistically, using data to inform those decisions to encourage better outcomes.