Jonathan Cutrell

Cultivate Understanding

March 04, 2020

Cultivate Understanding

I’ve spent a lot of my life learning.

At one point, I believed I might stay in academics.

But another side of me wanted to pick up a guitar and tour around the country, expressing my deepest feelings. (For the record, this did not happen.)

Cultivating understanding isn’t just about academics, nor is it strictly about feelings.

Understanding is about an integrated picture, accounting for all dimensions of the truth.

Wisdom, feeling, intuition, data, experience, logic - all are a part of understanding.

The secret: Having understanding often leads you to realize how little you know, and how reliant you are on experimentation, collaboration, and iteration.

Written by Jonathan Cutrell, engineering manager at Tesorio and podcast host at Developer Tea. You can follow him on Twitter at @jcutrell.