Jonathan Cutrell

Go Happy

March 04, 2020

Go Happy

“Don’t put them on fast, Daddy. Put them on happy.”

Our son Liam has started saying this about a few routines we do together. In this case, putting his clothes on.

He’s approaching 3 years old now, but sometimes teaches me lessons I’d expect from a much older, wiser person.

When we read a book to him before bed, my wife and I sometimes have the urge to speed through. To complete the task, move on to the next thing.

This constant rush because we feel there is something more important to get to. Something is always next, always around the corner.

Liam seems to know something that I feel deeply: that happiness is very often about slowing down on purpose. Happiness is about being here, now.

Read the book slowly, emphatically. Read every word, see every picture, enunciate. Give life to your moment, no matter how mundane.

Don’t go fast. Go happy.

Written by Jonathan Cutrell, engineering manager at Tesorio and podcast host at Developer Tea. You can follow him on Twitter at @jcutrell.