👋 I'm Jonathan.

I help developers find clarity, perspective, and purpose in their careers.

Current Work

Senior Engineer, Clearbit

Building next-generation business data interfaces and world-class user experiences.

Host, Developer Tea

Developer Tea is a top-100 podcast in the Technology category on iTunes. The podcast is approaching 13m all-time downloads by listeners in over 200 countries.

Co-founder, Spec.fm

I co-founded a podcast network called Spec for designers and developers who want to level up in their careers. Spec hosts episodes from 13 different podcasts today, with millions of listens.
Leadership and CoachingSpeaking / PresentationTechnical WritingSoftware DesignJavaScript (React, ES6)Ruby (Sinatra, Rails)Front-end Development (SCSS, build processes)Decision Science
Notable experiences:
  • Architecting an app to power a conference experience for over 5,000 attendees
  • Bootstrapping a startup to provide a platform for hosting family memories captured in their home movies
B.A. Communications, Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Lee University
M.S. Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology, 4.0 GPA
I started building digital products in 2007. (Those first ones weren't very good though.) I helped start a music company and then freelanced as a technical writer and frontend developer. I helped grow Whiteboard, an agency servicing clients with web projects all over the spectrum. As CTO, I worked with companies from non-profit to Fortune 500 to pre-funding startup.