Hello, I'm Jonathan Cutrell.

I am an empathetic engineering manager with over 10 years of experience and a chosen bias for long-term thinking.

Why Long-Term?

Long-term thinking requires a paradigm shift.

Long-term thinking is a forcing function that powerfully aligns organizations and individuals.
Thinking long term means valuing:

  • People over products
  • Character over skills
  • Trends over spikes
  • Norms over exceptions
  • Teaching over showing
  • Philosophy over tactics
  • Habits over heroics
  • Smooth over fast
  • Data over anecdotes
  • Impact over hype
  • Causes over symptoms

Most people have a bias for short-term execution. This can be necessary for survival. Only exceptional ventures optimize for the long-term.

Recent Posts
Current Work

Engineering Manager, Tesorio

Building a fearless team of developers focused on creating the world's best cashflow management platform.

Host, Developer Tea

A top-100 tech podcast with over 15m all-time downloads by listeners in over 200 countries.
Latest episode: 4 Ways Smart People Make Bad Decisions

Co-founder, Spec.fm

I co-founded a podcast network called Spec for designers and developers who want to level up in their careers. Spec hosts episodes from 13 different podcasts today, with millions of listens.
My Values

Optimize for the Long-Term

Cultivate Understanding

Fearless Bravery

Go Happy

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A Brief History
  • Clearbit, Senior Engineer
    Aug 2018 — Oct 2019
  • Whiteboard, CTO
    May 2010 — Aug 2018
  • Medium (now-defunct agency), Frontend Engineer
    Jan 2010 — Jan 2011
  • Managing Editor, FuelYourInterface.com
    Jul 2009 — Jan 2010
  • Freelance Frontend Engineer / Designer
    2008 — 2011
  • M.S. Digital Media, Georgia Institute of Technology, 4.0 GPA
  • B.A. Communications, Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Lee University
  • Certificate, Management of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology
MentorshipSpeakingFront-end ArchitectureTechnical WritingSoftware ArchitectureJavaScript (React, ES6)Ruby (Sinatra, Rails)Decision Science